• Diagnostic histopathology and cytology, slide reading

    Gross post-mortem examination, plus supporting laboratory tests, carried out in situ if required, of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrate

  • Legal cases, including forensic, insurance and malpractice claims and investigation of wildlife crime

  • Specialist and second opinions; advice with particular reference to wildlife, zoo animals and exotic species

  • Advice to researchers, including training in techniques (eg parasitology), preparation and examination of blood smears etc. Construction and use of portable field kits

  • Collaboration and interpretation of data for publication

  • Consultancies on the above

  • John Cooper is Consultant Veterinary Pathologist to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (Jersey Zoo) and to a number of laboratories in the UK and overseas.

See also Overseas Programme regarding international services in pathology



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